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My Boyd Ancestors!

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Welcome, Fellow Boyds!

First, I will give my own lineage, and then I will list as
many siblings in the line, as I know.

I am Nancy Ann Boyd (born April 10, __?__ [you'll get
the year upon my demise!], in Akron, Summit Co., OH).
I married Robert Mark Lemmon (born June 25, 1953,
in Long Beach, Los Angeles Co., CA) on August 08, 1999.
We reside in Chambersburg, Franklin Co., PA.

I am the daughter of John Lemuel Boyd (born Mar. 19, 1922, in
Lancaster, Lancaster Co., PA; died May 04, 1986, in Harrisburg,
Dauphin Co., PA) and Norma Clara Kestner Belford (born May 29,
1923, in Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., PA; currently resides in
Chambersburg, Franklin Co., PA). They were married on Nov. 08,
1942, in Akron, Summit Co., OH. They had no other children.

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John Lemuel Boyd is the son of John Earl Boyd (born Oct. 08,
1894, in Parkesburg, Chester Co., PA; died Apr. 25, 1975 in
Cuyahoga Falls, Summit Co., OH) and Kathleen Regina Tracy
(born Nov. 27, 1896, in Columbia, Lancaster Co., PA; died
Mar. 05, 1934, in Columbia, Lancaster Co., PA). They were
married on May 21, 1921, in Lancaster Co., PA.

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John Earl Boyd is the son of Charles Freemont Boyd (born Feb. 12,
1857, in Manyunk, Philadelphia Co., PA; died Nov. 07, 1924
in Lancaster Co., PA) and Sarah Matilda Airgood (born Feb.21,
1859, in Christiana, Lancaster Co., PA; died Sep. 26, 1936,
in Lancaster Co., PA). They were married Dec. 23, 1875, in
Lancaster Co., PA.

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Charles Freemont Boyd is the son of Aaron B. (Benjamin?) Boyd
(born 1830 in Sadsburyville, Chester Co., PA; died Feb. 02,
1898, in Coatesville, Chester Co., PA) and Marrietta Baylette
or Bailet(sp.?)(born Nov. 18, 1833, in Maryland; died June 01,
1897, in Coatesville, Chester Co., PA). They were married
on Sep. 12, 1850,in Coatesville, Chester Co., PA.

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Aaron B. (Benjamin?) Boyd is the son of John C. Boyd (born in
1804 in Lancaster or Chester Co., PA; died Aug. 12, 1870, in
Coatesville, Chester Co., PA) and ____?____ Thompson (dates of birth
and death are not known). The date of their marriage is unknown.

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All of the above information is verified by myself or
my father's first cousin, Lillian Boyd Haines, former
Regent of the Chester Co. D.A.R.

Children of John Earl Boyd and Kathleen Regina Tracy:

John Lemuel Boyd (Mar. 19, 1922 - May 04, 1986)

Jeanne Kathleen Boyd Singleterry (born June 17, 1928 in
Columbia or Lancaster Co., PA; resides in Citrus Heights, CA)

Children of John Earl Boyd and Alverta Leora Messer (born Mar.
28, 1911, in Columbia, Lancaster Co., PA; resides in Akron,
Summit Co., OH) They were married Aug. 15, 1934, in Columbia,
Lancaster Co., PA:

David Andrew Boyd (born Nov. 20, 1935, in Cleveland,
Cuyahoga Co., OH; resides in New Martinsville, WV)

Theattle Alverta Boyd Ryan (born June 17, 1939 in Akron,
Summit Co., OH; resides in Las Vegas, NV)

Elva Catharine Boyd Herman (born Oct. 28, 1940, in Akron,
Summit Co., OH; resides in Richfield, MN)

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Children of Charles Freemont Boyd and Sarah Matilda Airgood:

Ida Eleanora Boyd (b. Oct. 29, 1876; d. ???)
Married first to Howard Brown; second to Charles Holt.

Aaron Ambrose Boyd (b. Jan. 28, 1878; d. Sep. 04, 1932)
Married Dolly Fox. (Parents of Lillian Boyd Haines.)

Pearl Victoria Boyd (born Feb. 02, 1881; died July, 1939)
Married first to William Loughlin; second to William McIntire.

Charles Washington Boyd (b. Feb. 15, 1884; d. ???)
Married Mamie Conover.

Mary Elizabeth Boyd (b. Sep. 13, 1885; d. 1931)
Married David Rhodehaver.

Elmer Ellsworth Boyd (b. July 03, 1887; d. Dec. 1953)
Married Lillie Skiles.

Joseph William Boyd (b. Aug. 23, 1890; d. Dec. 01, 1968)
Married Velma Hilton.

Geneva Boyd (b. Aug. 11, 1892; d. June 16, 1898)

John Earl Boyd (b. Oct. 08, 1894; d. Apr. 25, 1975)
Married first Kathleen Regina Tracy; second Alvert Leora Messer.

Paul Westley Boyd (b. Oct. 17, 1896; d. Feb. 14, 1898)

Lloyd Laughlin Boyd (b. sep. 26, 1899; d. ???)
Married Mary Loomis.

James Oscar Boyd (b. July 17, 1903; d. Mar. 13, 1904)

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Children of Aaron B. (Benjamin?) Boyd and Marietta Baylette
(or Bailet?):

Ida E. Boyd (b. Apr. 11, 1854; d. ???; buried in NC)
Married a man by the name of Doane.

Laura Marlon Boyd (b. Oct. 10, 1855; d. ???)
Married William Thompson.

Charles Freemont Boyd (b. Feb. 12, 1857; d. Nov. 07,
1924)Married Sarah Matilda Airgood. (My Ancestors)

Marietta or Annette Boyd (b. June 12, 1859; d. ???)
Married first to Ambrose Airgood; second to __?__
Himleright or Hemerrite; third to __?__ Commons.

Emma R. Boyd (b. ???; d. ???)
Married a man named Preston.

Mark C. Boyd (b. June 18, 1866; d. ???)

Albert B. Boyd (b. Dec. 30, 1875; d. ???)

Aaron Boyd (b. ???; d. ???)

John Boyd (b. ???; d. ???)

There were a total of 15 children born to this family.
In 1857, 7 were living and 8 were dead. The father,
Aaron B. Boyd was a veteran of the Civil War
(Pvt. Aaron B. Boyd, Co. D, 49th Regmt., Pa. Vols.
appears on the Pa. Monument at Gettysburg Battlefield)

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Children of John C. Boyd and ___?___ Thompson:

Aaron B. Boyd (b. 1830; d. Feb. 02, 1898) Married Marrietta
Baylette or Bailet. (My Ancestors)

Joshua Boyd (b. 1835; d. 1862 in the Civil War)

John A. Boyd (b. 1839; d. 1899)

Children of John C. Boyd and Rebecca Boyd (maiden name)
(b. 1805; d. Dec. 13, 1851):

Sarah J. Boyd (b. 1843; d. ???)
Never married.

Mary Boyd (b. 1847; d. Mar. 29, 1904)
Married William M. McMinn.

John C. Boyd married a third time to Ann Fiester of Columbia,
Lancaster Co., PA. It is not known if they had children.

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Many members of my family are buried in the Upper Octorara
Cemetery at Parkesburg, Chester Co., PA. My late father, John
Lemuel Boyd, told me that he often visited this cemetery with
his grandmother, Sara Matilda Airgood. She told my father,
"All of the Boyds buried here are related to us."

I apologize for the length of my entry, but this is the first
time that I have written down my family history in this form.
My own lineage is written down in a similar manner as a
membership application for the D.A.R. I hope all of this isn't
too difficult to follow. Also, I hope some of these names
"ring a bell" with someone reading this!

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